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Valtsplekitooted OÜ (Rolled Metal Products Ltd.) began its activity in the year 1997. The main field of action is production and sale of roofing sheets, accessories, rain-water and small ventilation systems made of sheet steel.
We use in the production the tinplate as thick as 0,5 mm with a coat of paint Prelaq Nova that is imported to Estonia directly from the internationally known producer of high-quality steel in Sweden who guarantees its materials for the period of 15 years. The paints are covered with the tones offered by Rautaruukki. The unpainted zinc plate of a German producer is used as the other main material. In addition to the abovementioned products we are making special orders after the customer`s drawings according to our technical possibilities. Different products of rustproof (sinks) and decorative tinplate have been produced. The Old Town has required a special attention proceeding from the specification of our products. We have restored modified funnels (often the copies of old-fashioned ones). Therefore we have started to make copper rain-water systems and rolled roof tiles as a new product. Our copper comes mainly from the German manufacturer KM Europa Metal AG and there are three different variants to offer: 1) TECU Classik; 2) TECU Oxid and 3) TECU Patina.
A constant product development and strengthening of the material basis have created lasting and effective customer relations. It is important that the customer gets all  necessary form one place, quickly and at a low price.

Valtsplekitooted OÜ • Rae vald, Lagedi, Tehase 1, Estonia • Tel: +372 6 348 490 • Faks: +372 6 348 491 • E-mail: lagedi@valtsplekitooted.ee